Winter Program

The Northern California and Southern Oregon coast presents anglers with some of the best opportunities at chasing trophy salmon, and steelhead. The winter time brings tougher conditions, with greater rewards. I, as well as guides I work with, have permits to operate in wild and scenic stretches on some of these pristine watersheds. Giving anglers guidance and positioning for success we provide lunch on all of our day trips, and any fishing gear that is needed. Please bring appropriate rain gear and waders. Prior to our trip we will go over what kind of weather to expect, what to bring, and where we will be fishing. My winter trips we will be drifting the river in either my 14' odyssey raft, or 2016 18' Willie drift boat.



In the winter generally we are trying to get down to the fish. Dealing with heavier water my preference is to use heavier line systems and flies, dependent on conditions. Single and double handed rods welcome, with spey casting techniques encouraged. All fishing styles are welcome, but there is nothing like working hard and feeling a fish grab on the swing.


  • 7-9 wt rods

  • Heavy tips and sinking lines

  • Flies are also heavily dependent on conditions and is something we can discuss on the phone prior to our trip.