Whether in the marine layer on the coast, or up river the Klamath is an amazingly dynamic river with a fully intact all naturally river mouth. Its the 2nd largest river in California and is a very diverse watershed.


The Klamath River

is historically home to one of the largest migrations of Salmon and Steelhead on the West Coast. Producing Steelhead year around, it's a very dynamic watershed and a topic of many discussions. Focussing on the lower 25 miles within the Yurok Reservation, we provide anglers with the opportunity to target anadromous fish fresh out of the ocean. The Klamath is more tailored to swinging flies than any river around.

Throughout the spring, late into fall it offers opportunity for targeting different runs of fish. The fall run of salmon and steelhead being the largest. Starting in August going through October. This time frame offers the most friendly of conditions, with lighter fishing systems, and more predictable weather. Steelhead can be sought after and swung up on a regular basis during these months.The Klamath is famous for its run of "half-pounders" steelhead that are extremely fun and aggressive towards the fly. There are also nice larger adult fish within the system.

While fishing is our main reason for being down on the Klamath, the area is also one of the most diverse areas for migratory and residents birds, wildlife, and plants. It offers an absolute wild feel that is unique, and unbelievable to experience. Bears, eagles, osprey, otters, coyotes, amongst other critters are the true locals in the area. Check out my gallery below to get an idea of just how special of a place this really is. If you are looking for accommodations in the area we have a vacation rental that overlooks the beautiful river mouth and a lodge located on two miles of riverfront acreage.